WV Worker Killed in Elevator Accident at Preston Memorial Hospital

A Tunnelton, WV man died instantly Monday morning in an elevator shaft at Preston Memorial Hospital while on duty with the maintenance department.  Preston County Sheriff ’s deputies and OSHA are investigating what appears to have been an accident.  A spokesman of Preston Memorial said the employee “was killed in the course of his job duties” and had worked at the hospital for six years.  She further commented,  “He was a valuable member of our team. It is a very sad time for Preston Memorial Hospital.”  The accident victim is survived by his wife of thirty years and a daughter in Terra Alta, WV, a son who attends WVU, and a grandchild.  

Sgt. R.V. Turner, of the Preston County Sheriff ’s Department, said he is continuing the investigation into the death and will continue to interview those who witnessed Monday’s accident.

Kingwood firefighters and a KAMP Ambulance crew were called to the hospital, on South Price Street in Kingwood, at about 11:36 a.m. Monday for the elevator rescue.   So far, the results of the investigation indicate that Likens had climbed into the elevator shaft to retrieve a set of keys, and was impacted by the elevator as it moved through that shaft.  Likens was pronounced dead at the scene. Turner said he died instantly.

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