Elderly Pedestrian Killed While Crossing Street

Police are investigating the death of an elderly pedestrian killed on South High Street in Morgantown West Virginia in the evening on Monday, August 19th, 2013, the first day of the fall semester at West Virginia University.  The family of the decedent has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Jimmy Johns Pizza Company, claiming that the company’s slogan, “Freaky Fast Delivery” encourages drivers to speed and drive recklessly.

Officers said a delivery driver heading north on South High Street at about 8:45 p.m. struck and killed an elderly Morgantown man who was crossing the street at the Simpson Street intersection.  According to the police department the driver failed to see the elderly man as he was crossing the street.

The driver was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital and submitted blood samples for forensic testing, and the car was impounded for examination.  Officers are waiting to receive the forensic test results and plan to consult the Monongalia County Prosecutor’s Office before completing the investigation.

The Morgantown police and accident reconstructionists are investigating.

Weirton WV Business Man Killed by Truck while Walking

Just the day after the Morgantown man was killed, a Weirton businessman was struck and killed by a tractor-trailer while walking in a westbound lane of U.S. Route 22 near the Harmon Creek exit at about 11:21 a.m. Tuesday. Local police said it’s not clear why the man was in the highway, but no charges are expected to be filed against the truck’s driver.

Pedestrian Accidents In Morgantown

In Morgantown, though people of every age are at risk, students are the most likely victims of pedestrian accidents, especially on University Avenue, High Street, and Spruce Street.  Our most recent newspaper safety ad in the Dominion Post highlighted the fact that we need to be continually aware, because the students are often distracted cars as they cross these busy streets.

In 2010, a large grant was designated to inform the public of the danger of pedestrian accidents in and around our city through enforcement of ordinances already in place and social media campaigns.  The Morgantown Pedestrian Safety Board proposed a grant of $480,000  to help with walking safety around Morgantown.  Between 1998 and 2008 more than 226 pedestrians had been struck in an around Morgantown.  Sadly, it’s still happening.

We all need to pay closer attention as we drive or walk to ensure we are never the cause of such tragic pedestrian accidents which are heartbreaking for the driver and often deadly for the pedestrian.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Morgantown WV

Every year in communities throughout West Virginia, hundreds of innocent adults and children are injured or killed while walking on a sidewalk or pedestrian crossing. When a car or truck hits a pedestrian, there is usually no question about who is going to suffer.

Going up against an insurance company to fight for full and fair money damages for your injuries or financial losses is no easy task. Insurance companies often devote substantial financial resources trying to beat you down and frustrate you until you accept their low settlement offer.

No Attorneys Fees Unless You Win

Many pedestrian accident cases are hit and run, or involve a situation where the car driver doesn’t carry insurance. That means you have to rely on your own uninsured driver policy to file a legitimate claim. Surprisingly, your insurance company may treat you as a hostile claimant, and you will need to fight to get the amount you are entitled to. It’s not right. It’s not fair. But it’s the way the game is played by the insurance industry. The Robinette Legal Group, PLLC puts you on an even playing field.  Jeff Robinette is a former insurance defense lawyer who understands the strategies and tactics insurance companies use to limit their liability.

Our firm has experience representing clients in all types of pedestrian accident injury and wrongful death claims, including:

  • Intersection and crosswalk injuries
  • Parking lot injuries
  • Loading dock injuries
  • Hit and run and uninsured motorist accidents

Contact our offices in Morgantown to schedule a free consultation about your pedestrian accident injury claim. We represent clients injured in communities throughout West Virginia.  If you have questions or want to know if you have a case, call Jeff Robinette at the Robinette Legal Group today:  304-594-1800.

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