Bullying in West Virginia

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Despite West Virginia’s anti-bullying law, a Federal Government survey shows we have one of the highest rates of bullying in the country?  Texting, Facebook, and bussing activities contribute to the increase in bullying activities.  Symptoms of bullying can be fear of school, stomach pains, headache, and difficulty paying attention in class, unexplained injuries, and torn, damaged, or missing belongings.

What to do:

Talk with your child:  Ask your child, “How are things going at school?”  “What do you think about the other kids in your class?”  “Does anyone get picked on or bullied?”

Teach your child to ask for help.  Let your child know that if they are bullied, it is not their fault.  They should not feel ashamed to ask their parent, teacher, or other adult for help.

Talk to school officials:  When teachers, principals, playground monitors, bus drivers, and guidance counselors are aware of the problem, they can become part of the solution.

Support your children in activities that interest them:  Loners are more likely to be picked on, so provide opportunities to develop skills, talents, and healthy relationships.

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Source:  Connected Kids:  Safe, Strong, Secure (Copyright 2006 American Academy of Pediatrics).  For more information:  www.robinettelaw.com

2 thoughts on “Bullying in West Virginia

  1. Thank you for the information and your concern for the community and it’s children. Are there any law firms that do take on bullying cases in the area? I have a friend who has been to the school and BOE, but now is in search of a lawyer. Any advice or guidance is appreciated.

    1. Hi Ashley, our office has provided successful representation for bullying issues, but on a very limited basis. Mr. Robinette of the Robinette Legal Group charges an hourly rate for this type of case. If your friend is in West Virginia and would like to speak to him for insight, he or she may call his cell 304-216-6695 after 8:30 a.m. Sadly, this is a growing area of law. There are few things more heart-wrenching than to see a child suffering because of bullying at school.

      However your friend proceeds, the most important thing is documentation. Document who, what, where, when. Try to get the testimony of other people who witnessed the conflicts. Often when two or more people confront the bully directly, for instance a school administrator or teacher and witnesses, it can make a difference. When one person speaks up with courage, often others will step forward. Best regards.

      Another article you may find helpful: http://wvaccidentlawyer.org/2012/10/05/strategies-for-parents-bullying-in-schools/

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