Simple Blood Test for Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries can result from car, truck, motorcycle, and bike accidents, sports injury, falls, work accidents, and from impact during explosions.  If research by the Army and Cleveland Clinic is successful, then diagnosis for brain injury could include an inexpensive blood test.  Medical researchers are developing a test that will determine the presence of a protein that is released into the bloodstream after a person suffers a brain injury.

  • Researchers are currently testing their findings by analyzing the blood of college football, hockey, and soccer players to diagnose concussions.  Current methods of diagnosing brain injury involve the use of a CT scanner.  These scans are expensive and may also fail to detect slight bleeding and other signs of a brain injury.
  • Research indicates that the potential for serious lifelong traumatic brain injury is increased greatly if a subsequent head injury occurs a short time after a concussion, so a quick and inexpensive means of determining mild brain injuries could be a lifesaver for military personnel, workers, children, and sports participants.   

Contact a Morgantown TBI Attorney

If you or a loved one has recently suffered a head injury in an accident, get checked out by a qualified medical specialist. If you are concerned about brain injury, talk to a West Virginia brain injury attorney at the Robinette Legal Group to discuss possible legal action to pursue compensation for the medical treatment, financial losses and lifetime of care. As former insurance defense attorneys, we know how easy it is for insurance companies to claim the victim isn’t really suffering the effects of brain damage.

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