Protect Your Family on the Road

Car in snow in ditchMore than 90 million people will be traveling home for the holidays this week.  Getting your vehicle ready to travel is one of the most important ways to keep yourself and your family safe and to avoid mishaps along the road.

You certainly want to prepare. Check the Internet to see what the weather forecast is in the area that you’ll be traveling.  You may want to leave a little earlier to avoid bad weather, or you may want to allow yourself more time for traffic or the possibility of snow on the roads… use your good common sense.  Fill your windshield wiper fluid and tires to recommended levels.  If you know you will be driving through snow, throw in some ice melt, kitty litter, or gravel for traction.

If you do break down, the time it takes a towing company to get to you might be longer than usual. They see a huge jump in accidents close to the holidays.  You may have to wait an hour or two before help arrives, so prepare for that by making sure that your gas tank is full and be sure to pack extra blankets and food.

Other things to remember are to make sure you don’t always count on your GPS; have a backup plan for directions. If your windshield looks like it has streaks on it it’s probably time to change your wiper blades.  And finally, slow down.

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  1. We can never know what might happen while we are off the road, so it’s better to keep those traffic rules and safety guidelines in mind always. Ensuring that the auto-vehicle is in good condition before going off is a good start to avoid unfortunate incident. Also, keeping tools in hand is smart in case of road problems.

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