What to Do if Your Uber Driver Is Involved in an Accident

How to Handle an Uber Collision

It’s no secret that Uber drivers have taken over our roads. You can find them everywhere. Since 2009 there are more than 75 million people who have used Uber. What makes them so popular is the fact that they are very convenient and cost-effective. However, they can also be risky and dangerous. Take note that vehicular accidents can have a significant impact on the rest of your life.


So what do you do if your Uber driver gets involved in an accident with you in the car? What you can do next depends on whether the Uber driver was acting as your driver or another person’s driver, and whether it occurred while they were “on the clock” or not. This guide focuses on what happens if you’re a passenger in an Uber when it’s involved in a car crash.

What To Do After an Uber Accident

You must always make sure that everyone is okay after any vehicular accident. This also applies during an Uber crash. Furthermore, if you require medical attention, then you should be sure to get it right away. Don’t forget to call 911 if you’re uncertain as to whether anyone needs urgent medical attention. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry in the end.

Uber crashes are similar to other car accidents in a lot of ways. You have to know what to do after any car accident. However, there are specific things you can do in an Uber accident. You should:

Morgantown Car Accident Image
Morgantown Car Accident

Call the police

It’s very important to call the police to the scene so they can create a report after an Uber accident. Make sure to stay at the scene with the Uber driver so you can also talk to the police officers. Don’t get tempted to get another ride and leave the scene. The police need to talk to everyone involved in the incident to get an idea of what happened and why. Usually, they’ll also include their opinion about who was at fault in the crash in their report.

Take note of everyone’s contact information

Make sure to get everyone’s information about who was involved in the incident, including your Uber driver, the other driver, and any other passengers. Since it’s difficult to determine who is at fault right away, collecting everyone’s contact info will be important.

Report the incident

You must also report the accident to a few key entities such as:


  • Uber (so they’ll report it to their insurance company)


  • Your insurance company


  • The other driver’s insurance company


It’s highly recommended that you make all of these reports right away just in case any of these insurance coverages apply. Most insurance companies have time frames in which you have to make a claim after an accident, and if you don’t act fast, you could waive your ability to get money for your damages and losses.

Seek Medical Attention After an Uber Crash

Please visit a medical facility on the day of your accident as soon as possible.  Never tell the police and insurance that you are not injured if you are not 100% sure you are perfectly okay after the collision.  Any statements will be used against your claim later on if you are experiencing after effects from the collision, and if you don’t quickly seek medical attention for your injuries, this will also be used to prove that you weren’t really injured.

In America, there are millions of people who use Uber daily. Accidents involving Uber drivers occur almost every hour of every day. That’s why it’s a must to have basic knowledge of the legal and insurance issues that will affect you if you’re ever injured in an accident with an Uber driver – either as a pedestrian or a passenger, bystander, or the other driver.


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